Coming Home ...

And so it begins...
I will be THAT Grandma...
posting photos and chatting up the grand baby every chance I get. 
Maybe. Yeah, probably.

On that note...

A Baby Story ...

Grab a coffee and sit right down. 
There's a whole lot of wonderful right here.

An extra special delivery.

Prepare to meet Thayer Adam. 
My first grand baby.

In terms of preparing for the arrival of this little boy, 
my daughter had done her homework.
Conception through delivery - she had the plan in place.
Things I had never heard of;
the Bradly method, Flax seed, Essentials oils, Birthing ball. Teas for so many things.
That's just scratching the surface.

And even though not everything went just as planned, it went their way.
They called the shots through it all. I am so very proud of her and her husband.

She is going to be an amazing mommy. Thayer you are a lucky boy.
Watching my son-in-law labor with my daughter was very emotional.
It was hard work for both of them 
(although she'll tell you, quite clearly, 
she deserves the medal of honor for this gig,
I'm pretty sure he'd happily award it to her)
Poor guy had to stick to the "plan" well into her darkest hour.

I love labor and delivery photography. 
Telling the story of a new beginning through images melts my heart.

But for this, I wasn't just a photographer documenting a baby story, 
I was becoming a Nana and he was becoming a part of my story. 
That opened a whole flood gate of heart melting. 

So very grateful he is a part of our family. 
He is honorable and kind, loving and loyal
and he is going to make an amazing daddy.

Ugh. Not my most flattering moment, thank you son-in-law. 

Generally I love images like this, 
because of the purity in the moment, 
but that's when they don't include me. 

As much as they're not my favorite, 
I made myself post them because of what they mean.

They are the sign of relief that after months of worrying about her pregnancy 
and days of worrying about her delivery, my first born daughter was healthy and safe.
And her first born son was as well.
They are the wave of emotion I never expected when I held this beautiful little boy in my arms for the first time and realized I am his Nana. 

I get the privilege of loving another little person for all of my days.
And I promise to be really good at it.